Book of the Bitch

by J.M. Evans and Kay White


Written by experts, this book is relevant to both the experienced breeder and the novice bitch owner and also serves as a comprehensive guide to those considering owning a bitch. Whether or not you intend to breed, the more you understand about how bitches function, think and learn, the more pleasure your bitch is likely to give you and the happier and healthier she will be.

For those interested in breeding a litter, the procedure for whelping and puppy rearing is carefully explained. Most importantly, the book contains detailed advice on how to recognise the signs of sickness and those diseases to which bitches are prone and what action to take.

J M Evans is an internationally respected veterinary surgeon, developer of many widely used pet-care products and a world-renowned writer and lecturer on veterinary and animal-care subjects.

A cracking read...

The information is divided into 12 chapters arranged in four sections: Care of Your Bitch, Breeding from Your Bitch, Anatomy, Physiology and Medical Problems, Useful Information and Data.

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